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About Us

Sandy Hill Charollais is located near the small hamlet of Markerville in Central Alberta.  We currently run 60 purebred breeding ewes, focusing on quality.  All our ewes are bred by AI, using semen from top performing Signet recorded Charollais rams in the UK or our homebred stock rams.  Our flock is closed and we breed all our own replacements. 


We have been Maedi Visna negative for 7 years, testing annually, scrapie genotype, and maintain a high health status flock by following strict protocols.  We registered onto the GenOvis program in January 2020, and have since received four awards for Terminal Sire Breed.  The top 4 Proven Charollais rams on GenOvis for Gain are from Sandy Hill Charollais, and 3 of them are our current stock rams.

We breed quality Charollais with lots of length, loin and gigot, and select our AI rams in the UK for these traits.  Our Charollais are raised on a forage based system, feeding very little grain. 

That is why we ONLY raise Charollais. 

Charollais are the easy lambing terminal sire

that suits ALL breeds

"No Compromise Just Maximise"

We welcome visitors to our farm, but we do have very strict

bio-security procedures in place.


Why Charollais?

Very easy lambing

Vigorous lambs at birth

Rapid growth rates

Lean carcass

Very meaty loin and gigot

High dressing out percentages

Very prolific 180 - 220% lambing

Excellent milkers

Early sexual maturity

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