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We will have some females for sale at the All Canada Classic Show and Sale, as well as the Grasslands Show and Canadian Western Agribition.  Online bidding is available through DLMS and we can arrange transport all the way East to Quebec.

Females for Sale

We will have a selection of females for sale in 2024.  Please check back later for more information on what we have available.  Females will be available for export to the US.

Below are the entries we will have for the All Canada Sheep Classic Show & Sale in Richmond, QC

Sandy Hill Kassie 15K  CAN 798986
December 23, 2022 (Single)
Dam: Sandy Hill 8G
Sire: Sandy Hill Hotshot 9H

Scrapie Genotype: AARR
GenOvis: Gain 91%, Mat 87%, Mat-HP 78%

More info and photo/video to follow

Sandy Hill Marielle 77M  CAN 810278
January 28, 2024 (Twin)
Dam: Sandy Hill Jade 3J
Sire: Sandy Hill Jackpot 7J

Scrapie Genotype: TBD
GenOvis: TBD

More info and photo/video to follow

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