We are delighted to announce that we have imported semen from the following top UK sires in 2020/2021 and their offspring will be born in December 2021.  We are still waiting on semen from another top UK ram, but this will not be in Canada until November 2021. 


Oakchurch Ruben_edited_edited.jpg

When we were offered the chance to import some of this outstanding ram's semen, we did not think twice.  Ruben has sired many top progeny in the UK over the years, and has all the traits we are looking for in a ram.  He is definitely going to be a great asset to our breeding program.

Check out his EBV's

Top 2% for terminal sire index

Top 3% for maternal index

That says it all!

Oakchurch Ruben 2_edited.jpg
Ruben EBV_edited.jpg


Knockin UC Brother_edited.jpg

Our plan is to use this ram over Oakchurch Ruben's daughters, but we will breed some of our ewes to him this year.  He has tremendous flesh and muscling and a nice tight skin.  We are excited to add him to our genetics.


Check out his EBV's. 

Knockin UC Brother EBV_edited.jpg
Knockin UC Brother 2_edited.jpg



This ram lamb caught my eye last year (photo below).  He is a son of the record breaking Knockin Shockin out of an Arbryn Olazabal & Edstaston Madison daughter.  He is in the top 5% for the breed in the UK (Signet recorded).

Scan wt 7.33kg   Muscle 2.5mm   Fat -0.07mm

We are very excited to import his genetics and cannot wait for the arrival of his progeny.


Arbryn Olazabal

Edstaston Umpire Dickie Bird as lamb


We had the opportunity to purchase semen from this outstanding Irish yearling ram, who is a son of Ballynoe House Playboy.  He has tremendous muscling and carcass and will definitely be an asset to our breeding program.

Scan wt 3.74kg  Muscle 1.37mm  Fat -0.03mm


All photos courtesy of and with permission to use from Robert & Jeanette Gregory (Edstaston Flock) and Miss Abbie Moseley (Knockin Flock).