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2022 Genovis Award.jpg

After recording our flock on the Genovis programme for only two years, we were absolutely delighted to be awarded 3rd place for Terminal Sire Breed.  We have been continually striving to improve our Charollais flock's genetics by bringing in semen from top UK Signet recorded rams, and it is paying off as our ADG's have significantly increased while feeding minimal grain.  Buying top genetics definitely makes a difference to overall flock performance and IS 100% worth the investment.

Plaques Genovis_edited.jpg

We were delighted to be awarded the GenOvis Grand Champion Ram and Grand Champion Ewe for Terminal Breeds at the 2023 All Canada Sheep Classic in Barriere BC.  Having the GenOvis data makes it possible to effectively evaluate the genetic value of our Charollais based on important economic traits against other breeders.

Currently our Charollais rams are the top 4 on GenOvis for the Charollais breed for Gain:

#1  Sandy Hill Hotshot 9H (AI Ram) - Stock Ram
#2  Sandy Hill Highjinks 20H (AI Ram) - Sold to breeder in ON
#3  Sandy Hill Jackpot 7J - Stock Ram
#4  Sandy Hill JamesBond 33J - Stock Ram

Sandy Hill Hotshot 9H - sired by Dalby Tuilagi (AI) 
[CAN] 773283  Birth date: 29 Feb 2020
Scrapie Genotype: AARRRR

Hotshot with Banner_edited.jpg
Side View_edited.jpg
Front View_edited.jpg

Supreme Champion Ram - 2021 Canadian Western Agribition

GenOvis Recorded: 99% Gain, 99% Mat, 97% Mat-HP

Currently the #1 Top Proven Charollais Ram on GenOvis for Gain

Hotshot 9H GenOvis_edited.jpg
Top Rams today_edited.jpg

Sandy Hill Jackpot 7J - sired by Oakchurch Ruben (AI)
[CAN] 788139  Birth date: 23 Dec 2021
Scrapie Genotype: AARRRR

GenOvis Recorded: 98% Gain, 98% Mat, 96% Mat-HP

Jackpot is currently the #3 Charollais Top Ram in Proof on GenOvis for Gain

Jackpot's dam, Sandy Hill 166F is our top producing ewe in the flock.  With his impressive rate of gain, length and muscling, there was no question that he would become a flock sire.  We have some of his offspring available in 2024.

Jackpot 7J.jpg
7J & 33J_edited.jpg

(L) Sandy Hill Jackpot 7J & (R) Sandy Hill James Bond 33J at 48 days old

Sandy Hill James Bond 33J - sired by Edstaston Umpire Dickie Bird (AI)
[CAN] 788163  Birth date: 27 Dec 2021
Scrapie Genotype: AARRRR

GenOvis Recorded: 98% Gain, 96% Mat, 93% Mat-HP

James Bond is currently the #4 Charollais Top Ram in Proof on GenOvis for Gain.  It is unfortunate we were not able to ultrasound him at 100 days for back fat and loin depth for CARC.  He is solid muscle, as you can see from the video below,

This ram lamb caught my eye very early on, with his outstanding rate of gain, length and muscling, we knew he would be a future flock sire.  We will have one of his daughters each at the Classic and Grasslands..

James Bond 33J.jpg

Sandy Hill James Bond 33J with his dam at 42 days old

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